Driving School in Strathpine

Day 1 after clearing your written road rules test and you can’t wait to get your hands on your driver’s license. We know how you feel, we really do. But right next to this excitement, stands a challenge. The final driving test.

iLeap Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Strathpine, making driving seem way easier than you as a learner could imagine.

With a range of qualified and comfortable practice vehicles and our accredited driving instructors who are experts in handling beginner driver anxiety, we provide a safe environment to encourage learners to drive freely and to get better at every step.

Learn Driving Lessons by Our Qualified Instructors in Strathpine

Great drivers aren’t born great, but made great with practice and proper training.

We at iLeap Driving School understand this and make sure that the instructors who join us are best-in-class drivers and have adequate training experience.

This helps us provide you and our other learners a comfortable and healthy environment for sharpening their driving skills by practicing driving in the safest yet challenging zones.

And even if you make a mistake, don’t worry about it. As mentioned above, we hire instructors who are polite and understand that driving skills develop over time and practice.

Driving Test Centre in Strathpine

The Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre, Strathpine is located at the 43 Bells Pocket Rd.

For learners living in Strathpine, this is the license issuing authority. From conducting your written road rules test to issuing your permanent driver’s license, this authority does it all.

Our expert instructors have had their time learning about the reasons to why your driver’s license application can be rejected. So, they provide you adequate training and help you clear the test in your first attempt.

To start preparing for the test, get in touch with us before all our instructors go occupied by others.

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