5 Stars

Reena Mehta

Highly recommend Mandar Hinge, very professional and skilled instructor. Simple and easy approach of passing his knowledge to the students. I am glad I chose him as my mentor. THE BEST!!! Thanks Mandar :)

5 Stars

Jaison Rodrigues

Highly recommend Mandarr Hinge. He will train you to be a safe driver which is much more important than just preparing you for the test. Thanks for being patient.

5 Stars

Anjali Lavekar-Ghurye

Highly recommend Mandar Hinge and iLeap Driving school. Mandar is a very experienced instructor and teaches from basics. His step by step and friendly approach of teaching makes his students very comfortable and confident of driving. He prepares his students 100% for the driving test! All the Best Mandar!

5 Stars

Anuja Phadtare

When I approached Mandar for learning Driving, I was totally unsure and not confident about my driving skills at all. Mandar really helped boost up my confidence on the road. Had a very good experience learning from Mandar. Very patient and methodical teacher, boosting confidence in every lesson. Highly recommend iLeap Driving school.

5 Stars

Lekshmi Panicker

Very patient and friendly instructor teaching from the basics, step by step and make you very confident. Highly recommended!

5 Stars

Vinu Raj Radhakrishna

been trained there in this school highly talented trainers and much experianced in the industry... And moreover a good time with them in sydney... Thanks a lot mr mandar

5 Stars

Kirst Hardy

Thank you Mandarr, you were wonderful with my son. Getting his P's on his First Go!!

5 Stars

Amrita Bordoloi

I highly recommend iLeap Driving school as Mandhar is friendly, makes you feel comfortable and has lots of patience.

5 Stars

Swagata Das

It was great- I did have difficulty not in driving but to pass the driving tests- I thought should try with someone who can make it possible- I almost thought of giving up my driving - iLeap school showed me how I can be sucessful in driving tests- very professional and very accurate guidance and instructions - I made it possible I nailed it in one go after he showed me the appropriate path..I feel great

5 Stars

Indiver Raichand

Mandarr is a very calm and composed instructor who explains each driving rule very effectively. His guidance helped me in passing my driving test in first go.

5 Stars

saurabh kapse

Passed my driving test in one go.Thanks to Mandar for providing the excellent guidence and support during the session. I will strongly recommend iLeap driving school.

5 Stars

Priyanka Yande

Passing test successfully in first attempt and without mistakes, all this was possible due to great teaching by Mandar. I will surely recommend iLeap driving school to anyone who would need guidance for getting their Australia driving licence done. Thank you so much for making me learn how to drive safely and efficiently.

5 Stars

Monami Ghosal

Mandarr was very helpful in guiding me to overcome my fear with driving. He picked up the bad habits that I had and stepped me through how to fix them, which improved my confidence a lot. He also made me go out of my comfort zone, which also greatly improved my confidence.

5 Stars

Lachlan Klippert

Thanks so much to these guys for doing the lessons without them I never would of got my ps high recommend

5 Stars

Tony Sequeira

Highly recommend ileap Driving school. The
Instructor was very good and supportive.

5 Stars

Harwinder Kaur

Highy recommended service . Very friendly staff and well instruction for Learners . Very professional service . My wife had first lesson with them and she had been told " you should book your driving test first " means they are not bleeding hours ,They could have make more money but i guess they are quite loyal to thier customers and don't want to waste money and time . If you want to learn without wasting money and Time i would definietly recommend iLeaP driving school . The best
Thanks Mandarr and Aboli ??

5 Stars

Shruti Kharbanda

Extremely satisfied with the driving lessons. Mandarr is such a great driving instructor. He teaches from the basics to every technicality that’s required for driving.
He is very friendly and approachable. You can ask ‘n’ number of questions from him and he will always be patient. Highly recommend iLeap Driving School.
Thank you so much Mandarr :)

Thanks to Aboli as well, you’ve been my lucky charm today :)

5 Stars

John R

Highly Recommended and Great Value for money !!

I had Mandarr as my instructor and it was a positive experience.

Mandarr is a very experienced instructor who is patient, calm, encouraging and professional.
He is very attentive and a motivating instructor and very good at correcting mistakes and constantly boosting one’s confidence to drive safely and confidently. He teaches you not only how to drive but has a strong focus on driving safely and to the conditions. His explanation is clear and concise, and his driving tips is quite useful and easy to remember.

The online booking system is very convenient and it is easy to reschedule classes online if needed. Mandarr is very punctual and his vehicle is well maintained too.

His mock tests were great at preparing me for the practical driving test.
Mandarr is very committed to making sure that you are well prepared for the test and for independent driving later on.

I would gladly recommend iLeap Driving School to my friends and to learners looking for a great value for money.

5 Stars

Sandeep Kaur Golar

Highly recommend Mandarr Sir as he is a great instructor.

5 Stars

Gauresh Malhotra

Very polite and definitely calm supervisor. Does not unnecessarily create panic moments and constantly converses with me to keep the atmosphere natural. 10/10

5 Stars

Madhuri Swamy

Very friendly instructor I highly recommended him.
thank u so much Mandaar

5 Stars

Duy Hoa Ngo

Mandarr is an experienced instructor in Carseldine region. I have learned very good tips from him.

5 Stars

Anush Santhosh

strongly recommend Mandar.... I passed my driving test in first attempt without any driving knowledge ... He is very sincere in his work and helpful to get pass in exam...
Thank you Mandar...

5 Stars

Shailesh shailesh

Would highly recommend Mandar. He is easy going and gives good tips.He ran through all the manoeuvres of the test and what to expect so it didn't come as a surprise in the exam. So definitely go for it.

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