Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Near MePassed your written road rules test and excited to appear for the final practical? Well, this may be the time for you to prepare yourself, as the practical tests aren’t easy to sail through. With regular practice and the right guidance, you can easily pass your driving test with flying colours.

At iLeap Driving School, we help beginners learn to drive in a safe, controlled environment and that too under the supervision of a friendly instructor who won’t scream if you made a mistake. Because with complete peace of mind, you can learn better and faster.

iLeap is an affordable driving school in Brisbane that provides various courses matched to your learning pace so you can learn effectively. No rush.

With our intermediate driving lessons, we have helped individuals regain confidence and emerge from terrible driving experiences of the past.

Whether you need beginner driving lessons in Brisbane or want to start afresh to hone your skills, we have something for everyone. So, come along for a cheap demo driving lesson or simply have a conversation with one of our instructors to know the entire course of action.

Driving Practice

We provide valuable  feedback after each lesson to practice with supervisors in between lessons.

Our Vehicles

We offer auto lessons in Toyota Corollas with the highest safety Ratings.

Logbook Hours

Record your instructed and supervised hours: 1 hour with an instructor = 3 logbook hours

Book Online

Bookings can be made 24/7 in real-time, on any device – at your convenience.

Pricing and packages

Free Pick up and Dropoff included to each booking!
Service Price
Single Lesson 60 min $80
Test Only $140
5 x 60 Min Lessons $347
10 x 60 Min Lessons $700
20 x 60 Min Lessons $1420
60 min Lesson + Test $190
2 x 60 min Lesson + Test $240


Check out our modern dual-controlled vehicles

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