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Cheapest Driving Lessons Brisbane

Are you looking for the Cheapest Driving School in Brisbane? If so, you are likely to make the same mistake as everyone else, and go right to the pricing page. While that seems to make logical sense, you have to consider how many of those "cheap lessons" you are going to need to buy in order to feel confident behind the wheel. 

Consider this - if you find a driving school that offers free driving lessons (usually a Keys 2 Drive lesson that requires enrollment), but you can only buy it in a bundle package - that's ok! In fact, that may be a great thing - if you are getting quality lessons all of the way through. 


If you find a driving school that offers lessons for $30, we suggest you check their reviews, as well as their credentials. Driving isn't always cheap, and good instructors simply don't work for free. It's highly likely that their objective is to sell you on 15 of the "cheap lessons" and force you to come back for more, whether you need it or you don't. Now, your cheap lessons are upwards of $450, and you may not even feel confident yet! 

Here are the things to look for in order to get the cost savings you are after:

  1. Is the driving school reputable? (reviews really do matter, but pay attention to the source, the reply, and how each situation is handled)
  2. Are the driving instructors qualified? (do a little research and find out who you will be behind the wheel with, what their style is, and if you feel it's a match)
  3. Do they offer driving lesson package discounts? (The reason this is important is as much about savings as it is about the longevity of the school - are they going to be around for you to finish your package? If they sell packages, they are likely to be solid.)
  4. Do they offer driver assessments? (No two drivers are the same, and they should be assessing you for what YOUR needs are, not just the boiler plate lessons. iLeap includes an assessment for every driver - just ask your instructor!)
  5. What is their availability? Can you schedule in advance? (This is more about you getting your value than anything else - education takes time, but it has to be on your schedule. Check out our online availability)

The mission of any good driving school is to ensure you are safe and confident on the road. Learning to drive is one of the most important skills you will ever obtain, and it will impact you, and those around you for the rest of your life. At iLeap driving school, we take our jobs very seriously. We pride ourselves on identifying any shortcomings from the first lesson, and working through them efficiently and quickly. We don't see a reason to let the grass grow under your tires, or ours! The way we see it - the more satisfied you are with your experience, the more likely you are to recommend us to your friends, family, coworkers, and Starbucks baristas! We know we will be able to offer the same service and value to them as we are to you. 

Driver Training Services

We bring to you a range of driving courses that come with a flexible schedule. Are priced reasonably. And are designed to help newbie drivers learn to drive safely and with confidence.

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1 Hour Pre-Lesson Test


  • 2.5 Hours
  • 1 Hour Pre Lesson
  • Car use for test
  • Pick up & Drop off
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5 Lesson Pack


  • 5 X 60 Minute Lesson
  • Pick up
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