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1.50 hour Auto lesson with K2D


The Keys2Drive program is designed to assist students and supervisors through the learning to drive process. Conducted over one hour it includes - a half-hour with a short presentation plus half-hour practical Brisbane on-road learning experience! The one-hour Keys2Drive program is conducted with you, your supervisor (often a family member), and your driving instructor.

Note: This offer requires students to have a valid Keys2Drive code.(FLID)

Eligibility Requirements

  • The learner driver must hold an Australian learners permit

  • The learner drivers fully licenced supervising driver (normally mum, dad, family member or a friend) must attend the entire 60 minutes Keys2drive free lesson

  • Overseas licence holders upgrading to an Australian licence are not eligible for a Keys2drive free lesson

  • If you have held a full drivers licence in Australia or overseas, then you are not eligible for the Keys2drive free lesson

  • If a learner driver's supervising driver holds a full international licence they may attend the free lesson with their learner. However, we strongly recommend checking with your state licensing authority to ensure you are legally allowed to supervise a learner driver in Australia or you may risk prosecution.

  • P Plate drivers upgrading from automatic to the manual are not eligible for a Keys2drive free lesson

Please register at https://keys2drive.com.au/  before you purchase a voucher to ensure that you're eligible for keys 2 drive lesson 

Your voucher includes:

  1.   1 hour Keys 2 Drive Lesson with a qualified instructor in a driving school vehicle along with additional half an hour of practical driving on-road experience.
  2.    Pick up from home
  3.   Return to home, work or close location

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